At Genextra we focus our efforts on addressing innovation in companies with strong science which are typically at a funding stage that ranges from seed capital to where Venture Capital normally invests.

We are usually the lead investor and aim at holding a controlling interest. We take significant stakes in programs with extraordinary talent and proprietary assets.

We focus on sectors where we have the experience, knowledge and network to help build a market leader. Our team, therefore, looks primarily for projects in pharmaceuticals and (small molecule) drug discovery.

While we seek to create a complementary Group of companies each focusing on a distinct therapeutic area, we have also setup a virtual network of R&D capabilities that can be shared within the Group.

We believe the added value of Genextra's model is best exploited in the first stages of product development. We, therefore, seek an exit as the lead investor when the company reaches, depending on the program, in vivo proof of concept or clinical proof of efficacy. Exits can be in the form of an industrial partnership or outlicensing of projects, a sale or merger, an IPO or new Venture Capital funding.