How we work
Besides the capital invested in our companies, we bring to the table a team of professionals with combined experience in operational, financial and scientific roles in the life science industry.

The combination of broad experience in the capital markets and access to an extensive network of scientific and industry experts places Genextra in a unique spot to identify exceptional investment opportunities and shepherd them to maturity.

Genextra strongly believes in a team-based approach. In the earliest stages of development of a company's program, Genextra will partner with the founders to play an active role in the every-day decision making process; as the program gradually evolves to a more advanced stage, typically towards clinical phase 2, Genextra's team will be gradually substituted by a dedicated and comprehensive management team of its own.

Genextra is a flexible organization where subsidiaries can improve the probability of their success leveraging on a virtual management model with centralized skills and resources covering all major necessities of a life sciences start-up:
  • Business development and management of IP
  • IP management support
  • Strategic planning
  • Scientific and regulatory services
  • Financial planning and human resources management
  • Public grant management